Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December is over :(

I love Christmas and December soo much and I am always so sad when it is over. Sorry I know this post is super late but life has been crazy! This year JJ and I had such a great Holiday here are some of the events that took place.

First - We had Payton's 5th Birthday. I can't believe how big she is getting. We had cake and opened presents and had a blast.

Then we went sledding and Soldier Hollow for the Shaw Christmas Party. What a blast that was. I love the snow except for when my toes get cold which seems like every time I go out in the cold. We decided to stay in a condo in Midway after sledding and I've decided that is my favorite place. It is so beautiful up there and it was a great get away!

Every year we have a Christmas Eve party and the Shaw's. We always have a yummy dinner and then we open our gifts. I love this party every year and am so thankful for great in-laws.

JJ and I spend Christmas morning with just the two of us and I LOVE THAT! Its so nice to celebrate together. This year I was so spoiled with all kinds of fun stuff, thanks babe! Here is my tree also, I love the smell of a fresh cut tree in my house.

This year my parents took us to see the elk up at Harware Ranch and then treated us to a yummy dinner at Maddox :) JJ had to miss out on this even due to work :(

We also went to a million Christmas Parties but I dont have pictures. Now that Christmas is over I'm excited to welcome the new year. Lots of things are happening in our lives and i'm excited for each and every one: new baby, hopefully our house sells and we will have a new house, work, play and all sorts of fun stuff.