Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Place Like Idaho!!!

This year for Valentines day we decided to head to Idaho to see our great friends the Lugos. We had so much fun!! On Friday night we went into Twin Falls and had a yummy dinner were they cook in front of you, I LOVE THAT! Then on Valentines Day Jason made his famous tri-tip and crab legs. JJ and Johanna Stagge also came over for dinner. It was so yummy and we had such a blast playing cards and hanging out around the dinner table. I always feel recharged after spending time in Idaho. Jason and Lori have such a positive outlook on life and I love spending the weekend laughing and enjoying time together. My stomach muscles are so sore from laughing so hard. Here are a few pics from our trip.

JJ and Jason cleaning the kitchen after dinner. Now if only I could get JJ to do this at home :)

Jason and Lori!!!!! I love them! Jason also taught me this weekend how to make his FAMOUS MEXICAN SOUP! This is the one this I have craved while being prego. It is soooo yummy. Thanks for the lesson Jas.

Me and my sthweetie!!

I love this picture. I dont remember what Lori said to JJ but they ended up going head first over the couch. I'm so glad I had my camera :)

I have had a number of people request a pic of my prego belly. I did not want to do this but the Jage made me. Here I am at 19 weeks looking fatter then ever! I can finally feel my little guy kick and it is the most amazing feeling in the world. I cant wait till JJ can feel him.

We have a number of things coming up that i'm sure will merit some good posts. We are headed to St. George this weekend for the Home Show! We have gone the last 2 years and have decided to make it a tradition for the two of us. The homes down there are amazing and we have such a blast dreaming of the future. Also, we decided to head to Hawaii the following week for our last HARRRA before the kid comes. I CANT WAIT!! I am so excited to get out of this freaking cold weather! Jake and Morgan called us on V-day and asked if we wanted to go with them. After about 2 seconds of thought of course our answer was yes. Morgan found an awesome deal on a condo so two weeks from today I will be under the hawaiian sun!!!!

I also wanted to thank everyone for the congrats on having a boy. It is so nerve racking after all the crap we have gone through to get this little guy that I havent really allowed my self to get excited. BUT I CANT HOLD IT IN ANY MORE!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! After our little scare last week with prelabor contractions our Dr. assured us everything is looking great :) We go in on Friday for our big ultrasound at the hospital. I will be sure to post pics of the little one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its a......

For those of you who don't know, JJ and I are having a.....BOY!!!!!!  We are so excited and can't wait for the exciting months ahead of us.  We are struggling with a name but hopefully we can come to an agreement before the little guy gets here.  Let me know what you think, here are the two names we have so far.


As far as life goes, JJ and I are still working on 106th south and still hating the commute.  If you know anyone that is interested in a condo ours is FOR SALE!!  I will post pictures soon.  I just started a photography class on Thursday nights and I am loving it so far.  JJ is such an amazing photographer it is kind of intimidating but I'm excited to learn and play with my new camera, practice makes perfect!  Here are some pictures I took this week for my assignment.  It was also my first time editing with Photoshop....Yikes!!  Its going to take a lot of time and patience but I can't wait to learn more.