Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hawaii was such a blast! I hate being home and back to work :( for future reference 5 days is not long enough to spend in the most beautiful place on earth. The weather was kind of crappy but we made the most of it. Jake and Morgan were so fun to travel with and I wish we were still there. We rented a 4-door jeep and had a blast driving around with the top down even in the rain.

JJ's sister Emily lives in Hawaii, it was so nice to see her and hang out with her for a few days. She showed us all the hot spots that not many people know about. She took us to some amazing places to go snorkeling and took us to beautiful beaches. We were even able to swim with a family of turtles WOW that was so much fun. Emily's awesome boyfriend Bobby was able to get us into one of his luaus also, he was amazing and his fire knife show. I should have taken more pictures but it was so amazing I couldn't look away long enough to get a good shot, sorry. Thanks Emily and Bobby for everything!!

Here is us with our cute rental car. JJ's thinks he needs one now :) I'm just fine with that!

This place had the best burger I have ever had!! We listened to live music and after JJ, Emily, and myself went to the famous Warren and Anabell's Magic Show! It was hilarious and I am still dumbfounded with some of the tricks Warren showed us. He pulled JJ out of the croud and asked for the $100.00 bill in his wallet (how he knew he had a 100 bill I will never know) Then he burned it right in front of us while a girl wrote down the serial number. At the end of the show he cut a lemon in half and pulled out JJ's 100 bill with the exact serial number :) hahaha who knows?
This is Warren and us with our $100 bill. I know we are in Hawaii and sweatshirts are not allowed but it was FREEZING in the auditorium and Warren made sure to make fun of the people from Utah who hit the slopes before coming into the show.

Emily and Bobby took us to this amazing beach! It rained most of the time but the rain cant stop us from having fun!!

Emily talked to one of her buddies and got us on this awesome sail boat to do some whale watching. The Whales were amazing but the boat ride was not so hot. The little guy in the belly hated the experience and made sure to let me know. While I was hanging over the boat everyone else got a show from me and the whales. For those of you who know JJ you know he does not handle stuff like that well :) I just wanted to thank my cute husband for all of his support during this pregnancy, he has been so understanding and tried to keep the dry heaving to a minimum :)

Here are some more fun pictures from our trip. That was a great babymoon before the little guy gets here!