Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had so much fun over the weekend! We haven't been yp to the cabin in so long so we decided to head up there on Saturday morning. There is nothing like a get away to the cabin. It was so nice to spend a couple of days in the fresh air. It was needed by all. Aside from the rainy weather we had a blast. Its crazy to think that the next time we go up there JJ and I will have a little kid WHAT...?

JJ and I out for a ride! I'm not sure if the little one enjoyed it because he was kicking my rib the entire time.

Breakfast is by far my FAVORITE MEAL! I love breakfast at the cabin, Dad's famous waffles and Mom's Banana Foster Syrup...YUMMY!!

Here is Parker, McKenzie, Mckenna, and myself enjoying breakfast. Is it crazy how old Parker looks. Every time I go to my parents house I swear he has grown another 2 inches. He has the sweetest personality and I am so happy to have such an awesome family.


When JJ and I got home on Monday we went to pick up our baby furniture! It was so much fun to set up! Aside from a few little things here and there I think we are ready for the little guy to get here. Here are some pics!

Here I am at 34 weeks!

Sorry about the crappy picture, something is wrong with my camera. Thanks Jake for your help with bringing all the furniture upstairs after moving all weekend!

I could not believe how much crap was wrapped around two pieces of furniture...It was crazy!!

Now I just need something cute to go on the wall above his bed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love SPRING!!

Here are some picture of a BBQ we recently had at my parents house. I absolutely love this time of year. The weather is beautiful and it makes it really hard to go to work everyday because all I want to do is enjoy being outside.

Here is my handsome dad doing some cooking out back. My parents have the perfect backyard. I love going over for Sunday dinner and eating out on the deck.

JJ, McKenzie, and Payton white-trashin it!!! My dad put wheels on the extra seat from his work van so now all we have to do is wheel it out of the garage and we have the perfect seat to hang out on while dinner is being cooked!!

Here I am at 32 weeks. I need to take a picture of me standing up so you can really see how big the belly is getting. The little guy is moving around like crazy and I can't believe I am already at 33 weeks. 7 weeks left :) OH MY GOSH!!! JJ is so excited and it is by far my favorite thing in the world to see his reaction every time he feels the baby move. He is going to be the best dad!!

Little Madden Jack is the best baby! Lindsey sure lucked out with him. He has the sweetest personality I just hope he stays this way.

I also had the opportunity to do McKenzie's hair and Make-up for her school dance. It is crazy to me that she is this old. I swear it was just yesterday when I was getting ready for school dances and she was there on my bed watching. Hope everyone has a great week. I go to the Dr. today to see how the little guy is growing. As of my last appointment he was measureing 2 weeks bigger than his due date, maybe that means he will be coming early. I'll keep you posted. Luv you all!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

First things first: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms out there!!
My mothers day was so great! JJ and I have had the hardest time picking out a crib for the little guys nursery so JJ decided to take care of it for me for Mothers Day! He is so sweet and came up with a lie saying he was going golfing with his brother Jake. Me being the brat that I am was a little frustrated because he had already spend all day Friday golfing so eventually he broke down and told me his little plan :) We both headed up to get the crib, so excited to get the nursery finally finished and ready to show our moms on Mothers Day! Well....we recieved the most devistating news ever. The crib we finally decided on has to be ordered in and it takes about 3 weeks to get here :( DANG IT!! JJ was so sad that is plan didn't work out but I am so happy to have the crib purchased and now all we have to do is set it up. Here is the one we decided on:

I love it!! Well I am now almost 32 weeks along and can't believe it. He is moving around like crazy and it really is an outter body experience to sit and watch a little arm go from one side of my tummy to the other :) By far my favorite thing is to see how excited JJ is. I can't wait to see him with our little guy. I took some pictures of my belly but of course I dont have them with me. I will post them soon. We still have not decided on a name yet. These are the three that are on our list but who knows i'm sure it will change.

FISHER: I Love this name SOOO SOOO much but I havent been able to sell JJ on it.

I dont think we will decide until we are forced to at the hospital. Well I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I promise I will post pictures of my belly and nursery soon.