Wednesday, April 14, 2010

St. George!!

Well, we took the yearly trip to St. George for the Luv2Dance competition. We had a blast as always. I love love love St. George, every time I go down there I find myself want to move there more and more.

My dad just bought a hummer for his company up in Boise and he let us take it. It was so fun and now all JJ talks about is getting him on :) He has wanted one ever since we met so it looks like this will be our next purchase. Thanks dad, we loved it.

Every morning we took a walk on the great trails! The weather was BEAUTIFUL and Linkin loves his stroller. He is just the best kid. We can go any where and he enjoys it all :)

It was such a great trip. Linkin loved swimming and it was hard to get him out of the pool :) Thanks for the great trip Shaw Family!

Well we have a few new things going on in our family.

First: I got braces :) WOOHOOO! I have wanted braces forever so I finally decided to buckle down and take care of it. I got invisalign and they are the best. They hurt like no other but I get to take them out to eat and you can't even tell I have braces. I can't believe how bad they make my mouth hurt but it will all be over in 7 months! I'm so excited!!

Second: Mr. Linkin has had a bump in his temple since he was born. The dr. and I have been watching it closely but after his 9 month check up we decided to go see a specialist. Well I'm sooo glad we did. The specalist thinks Linkins skull didn't close all the way after birth and the membrane that covers the brain is protruding. WARM FUZZIES to hear that I know!!! Linkin goes in tomorrow for a CT and then we will decide what to do from there. It's amazing what that little bug does to me. Being a mom is the most amazing feeling and I really never thought I could love something so much. I love my hubby to death but love for your child is soo different. I'm confident everything will be ok. The dr. said he will need surgery regardless but the CT will tell us when. I'll keep you posted, keep positive energy in the back of your mind for him :) Positive thoughts are the best medicine :)

Other than that life is WONDERFUL! Here are a few more pics from Easter and other fun stuff.

I sure love my two boys!

HAHA look at that face!


Crystal said...

Best of luck to baby Linkin (and you) on his surgery. That would definitely be stressful to deal with. You'll have to keep us updated.

I'm excited for your Invisalign, although your teeth looked great before. However, Invisalign is awesome and I've had so many patients who have gotten great results. I can't wait to see your finished product.

Ashley Dayton said...

Kell!!! It was so good to see you in St. George! I miss you tons:) Link is so damn cute! Good luck with his surgery, everything will be just fine:) No worries! Love ya!

Courtney said...

It is crazy how being a mommy and give you the most amazing and scary days and we still enjoy all of it. I hope everything goes well with the little guy. We need to get Behr and Linkin together, Linkin seems just like Behr..happy happy happy!

galbfam said...

I can't wait to be a mommy and feel that love towards him. Good luck to linkin he will do awesome no matter what!! I really would move to St. George in a heart beat. I LOVE it down there.

Aleese and Scott said...

Poor little guy!! When Barrick had surgery I was a wreck!! It is so stressful and so hard to see your little ones like that.

Also your trip to Saint George made me think of our trip together down there. It was so fun and brought back so many memories!! Like the Bon fire and lots of trips to get Blondies at Applebees!