Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling SOOO Blessed!!

I was watching Oprah the other day and this family lost all three of their children in a car accident. After bawling for a while I realized how short life is and how blessed I am. Linkin has brought so much Joy and Happiness to our lives, I can't image loosing him. Being a mother is the most amazing experience and I'm so amazed at the amount of LOVE I feel for that little bug. I'm feeling so blessed to have such an amazing husband and a beautiful little boy that I get to share my life with. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and my prayer for everyone this year is that we realize how short life is and to make the most of TODAY!!

Gosh I love this little bug beyond words.

My adorable husband and I would be so lost without him!


Brad and Jen said...

I saw that also...What an amazing story! It makes you really think about what is important and to charish every minute you can with those you love!

Mindy said...

Hey JJ and, this is Mindy Harris...a friend of JJ's and your new ward friend! I'm not blog stalking, I just linked over from Niki Martineaus blog! I just wanted to tell you both that you did amazing speaking in church! You both were naturals and I heard from many people how touched they were! I just thought I'd pass that along!